Right after the giveaway of the speed RC truck, Ive been to 3 terribles here in vegas and all drinks have been pulled off the shelf...Anybody know why?

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Maybe it's sold out?

where they the old 12oz cans? or new 16oz cans?

both, it's getting hard to find in vegas. The terribles next to my house moved them to a 5 can tray that's attached to the glass door of the cooler, and they only have orange and pink. Told me they are not getting anymore. Maybe Rebel?

i was thinking of trying rebel.... they were the 16oz

So I take the family skiing at Camelback Mountain in the Poconos on Sunday (Robby wasn't racing anyway so why not). I go into the lodge and I see a vending machine dedicated soley to a product that has a logo that looks like Speed Energy's original logo just doubled. Does anyone else see the resemblence?


As a fan of Speed Energy I am offended. OK, more jealous than offended because I could buy this crap at a vending machine and have to have Speed Energy shipped to me. The contact is in New Jersey so I expect that it will be marketed in the Northeast and they are clearly going with the sex appeal.

WOW, definitely a resemblance.

Wow, thats very risky... Some people dont appreciate the SS logo.

It does look a little like the old Nazi SS logo.....

I heard they werent on the new set for the coolers at Terrible Herbst. Ive had great luck finding all flavors at Rebels. Some have that extra 5 can rack suction cupped to the cooler door. I always fill them with product. Been in some that have 3 bins for 4 flavors. Which is lame. I live out by Boulder City and the manager there at Rebel said they are actually doing pretty good on the sales.

I would love to take it off your hands


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