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New moniker for Robby fans? Promotes the sponsor and lends a creative avenue for merchandising...

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Are they still around broadcasting?
I think it is really a bad idea. When I hear the term "speed freak" I think about some low life loser strung out on drugs with bad teeth. Sorry, but that is the image I think most people get when they hear speed freak.
ever heard of a Jesus freak...not quite the same

and no Robby is not God.
So are you saying is that everyone will think of us as tweakers?
tweakers- tweeters whats the difference?
fugetta bout it
maybe DEMONS
oh lordy
then we'll be thought of as devil worshipers!
who gives a crap what others think
since when did Robby Gordon fans become politically correct???
The Political Correct-ists have hit us.

Maybe we should go with the "Speed Good Sports" or "Speed Dear Friends" or "Speed Participant ribbon winners"
How about Speed drinkers? Nothing could be said in an ill fashion about a "Speed Derink.....Speed Drri,nker could they? Nick names come natural NOT A FAN. Ol DW tried to put one on Jeff Gordon this year...........What did he call him ??????????????????? See how it don'y work?
I like "Speed Dear Friends." It has a certain politeness to it.


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