Any athletes at X-Games flying the Speed Energy Colors. Just wondering if it is represented at Winter X-Games.

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None that I know of . Ive been asking that same ? for awhile now every other drink is there we should be too . If Shawn White wasn't already w the BIG GREEN M he'd be perfect , he's already got the orange hair lol . I'd love to see a SPEED Energy snowmobile .
Scratch that Shawn is with Red Bull not Monster

not being a planet cop MJ...but, think he left Red Bull a while back. should try and get him in a SST! The Speed/Burton/Target truck!

DB thanks you are correct

I don't follow him all that close lol like I said at 1st I thought he was w monster but my brother corrected me on that and he was just surprised when I showed him this link bout red bull lol . Thanks again for the update . I shoulda remembered he was with red bull he's friends w Pastrana . Yes it would be AWESOME to have him w SPEED but I just wonder if we could afford him lol .

That contract was valued at more than $1 million annually, and White's team of agents have reportedly been seeking a beverage deal worth at least three times that.

3 mil a year, thats a good chunk of change!

Yeah that's what I figured , Shawn can pretty much right his own ticket . Highest bidder gets him .
Who Shawn White and what does he do? No,I don't plan on googling him

Snow border, he's looking upwards of $3,000,000.00 per year.

so nothing with an engine,that's why I have no idea.I guess I'd have ask ,why pay someone that kind of money when Robby's still building distribution and fighting for self space.JMO
I forgot to ask , how SST's would that build?
Thanks Dave,I was just wondering out loud.

I didn't get it either Mike. I think some may say follow RB, but the most expensive part in business is growth. Get Speed rolling in the convenience store and super market categories, then big dollar sponsorships will be needed and part of doing business

Why pay him ? Cause every teenybopper from Alabama to Wyoming will drink what he does . It would be great to have him w SPEED but like I said there's no way we could afford him . One of the big reason RB , the big green m and rock* are so popular is cause they have all the big name " athletes " . As much as I love Robby and think he's the best thing since sliced bread he's the only guy we have promoting SPEED . If we could get a few of the other people to jump ship and come over to our side it would sell a lot of SPEED . The biggest obstacle is the money , how much would they want vs how much more SPEED we'd sell .
what's the point of pimping something,anything if it's hard to get?


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