off road racing is badass because you can get so close to the action on the track. just dont drive on the race course!!!! looks like JCL had to move someone out of his way. classic. saw this on RDC this morning...

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Don't drive on the race course...

oops!.....wrong place wrong time! lol!!

Lead, follow or get out of the damn way!!

"I have blah-blah insurance so person come help"


Tell me there aren't times you would love to do that to the moron gazer in front of you!! Just slam into them, shove the ass outta the way and make a hard right!! I asked for push bars for my car and my wife just rolled her eyes..."oh boy, you're such an ass" is all I got...go figure!

I'll 2nd that, Dave. Looks like JCL wanted a cherokee hood ornament to me. Moooove B!*ch, get out the way!

I guess you guys have never raced in Mexico because there is local traffic on the course all the time. The course is just a regular everyday road when the race isn't going on. Not everyong that lives down there gets excited about some little race for a bunch of rich guys. There are many places where the only way to get from A to Z is the "race course."

The guy in the Jeep screwed up big time, but Juan is a total asshole for ramming him. Juan could see him as the dust from the Jeep wasn't that bad. He probably planned on doing a big sideways drift around that wide 90° corner for all his fans and the Jeep messed up his plan. So he rammed it from behind. Juan is a asshole.

Well on another sight there is a series of three video regarding this "incident". I don't speak or understand native conversational Spanish but others who do have quite a bit to add to this story. If true, I think you were a little harsh on Juan. Anyone here able to translate the conversations?

Does Juan pay his own freight,,,.? Or on the Clyde dole ? looks like he could have checked up... Love me some Baja "don't park On the outside of corners"
It's not nerfing its bumpdrafting lmao

Good for the 18. Funny stuff, think i would have hit him harder.


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