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Heard Robby on the Down and Dirty Off-Road show say he has finished a deal with BigBoot! I think this is a good place to advertise SPEED I hope it all works out and it helps the overall picture of RGM!

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TOG why did you post a pic of my ex - wife

Gah! You're an evil man Tog. Was this a slip of the lip or is this set in stone? When will we start to hear details? Speed Energy on the Bigfoot 18 body would look sick! I'd actually take that over a Hummer haha!

It's the first I have heard of it. Guess time will tell.

Funny how they never look like that BEFORE you marry them lol

LMAO!! TOG never thought I'd say this but "you got way to much time on your hands dude"

+1, hell +2

big foot done deal or Dakar done deal ? PLEASE

Great interview, good to hear it straight from the man himself. Robby needs his own radio I'm going to order a case of Speed tonight...
RGM fans are the best, no Bang-Wagoner's for sure just Die-Hard Robby fans! All the other NASCAR drivers are just puppets, my opinion of course.

This is awesome! EEEF-FELD!

Found this on the BigFoot Facebook page. The truck in the back with the Trophy Truck Body on it, the front of the Chassis along with the Suspension setup & Rear-end/Steering setup look really familiar don't they?

wish Bigfoort raced MONSTERJAM but they are big douchy corp owned and want all of BIGFOOT's rights like grave digger

Robby may have helped with some setup stuff but its not his truck, frame geometry is different. Unless they modified it alot, Doubtful thou.


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