I'm wondering what all of your thoughts are on RG actually winning SST. As much as I'd love to see it, I have to wonder is that's really what is best for the series. I guess the upside is that if he wins, it keeps a big chunk of money in the series for next year.

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I'm sure he was sandbaggin' a little bit, best driver in the series. He could have won the championship by a landslide.

I agree that it is fine that Robby won and like Eric said I think he bagged it a little. For sure the first few events.

BUT, I don't think he should get the $500,000 prize money. If I was RG I would keep the big trophy, but not the $. Here's what I would do. I would score each driver that made it to the main event with 1 point or better yet call it 1 share. To keep it simple (cocktail hour) lets say the total of shares is 200. First place gets an extra 10 shares, second place 5 shares, third place gets 3 extra shares for a total of 218 shares. Divide the $500,000 by 218 = $2,293.58. Multiply that dollar amount by the number of shares each driver earned and send the drivers a check for that amount.

Or just send second place a check for the $500,000. RG keeping all that money when he had a fair sized edge from the start isn't right. The only reason this hasn't gone nuclear on RDC is that it is 1000 week. People have something else on their minds right now.

It's not like Robby is gonna take that $ and go on vacation . I can just about guarentee that $ is gonna go right back into funding SST . So basically the drivers WILL get part of that $ cause it'll just help the series grow and get better next yr .

On the surface this is an easy thing to say, but we know nothing of the financial situation of everyone that entered, ie did they pay full boat, for every race? Was their entry subsidized by SST? Are the original $ figures even in play, especially after the venue's were scaled back? And frankly that's not anyone outside the entries or sponsors themselves to worry about. Who cares what RDC has to say about it anyway, the only ones who have an interest in SST failure have the letters TORC, LOORRS, Monster et al, in their bio's. IMO here's what really matters; Entries, Venues, Attendance and tv NEXT year. That's where success from this year can be measured

"Seriously, who cares what RDC has to say about it?" Pretty much the entire off road racing world.

The inside baseball shit means nothing as the general public isn't going to find out about those things. If this series is going to rock it needs to draw name drivers. Folks it did a piss poor job of that this year.

Gee ........
Rob MacCachren , Robby Gordon , Greg Adler , PJ Jones , Justin Lofton , Ricky Johnson . Sounds like a pretty good line-up to me . Whata want Dale Earnhardt Jr and Danica Patrick ?

Jeff Ward, Paul Tracy, etc. etc. The first season of SST did have name drivers, drivers that could wheel an SST. The future will be bigger and better with Robby Gordon etched into the history books as the First SST Champion.....YES!!!!

It needs drivers that the general racing public has heard of at the races that aren't in the Southwest. Not just the off road world. In a place like St. Louis you do need a Dale Earnhardt Jr and a Danica Patrick.

No thanks I'd rather see bunch of drivers who are no names but race their asses off than a few who are nothing but primadonnas and just ride around . You say that no people outside the southwest have heard of the current SST drivers , I find that funny since I've heard of all of them and I live in the northeast . Jerrdog I totally agree w you , sorry I forgot Wardy and PT . I was just naming names off the top of my head .
I believe there's a plan,and no it doesn't include Danica or Jr.
Have you considered drivers contracts? Tony Stewart is the contract exception,many top drivers are not allowed to "race" other types of events
All I'm saying is these supposedly no name drivers aren't exactly scrubs . The best examples are Sheldon Creed , Keegan Kincaid and Jerrett Brooks . These are for a intents and purposes KIDS and they all did an OUTSTANDING job this season .

Yeah, I love seeing the "youngsters" get a good shot at exposure and racing with some of the sports biggest names. It's been a nice mix this year, and hopefully just the sign of the future.


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