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Thanks for all the support people have given to this website, as today it turns 4 years old. I can't begin to think about the countless hours we have spent here. Good times. Bad times. But we are still here. Great bunch of fans, friends, colleagues, etc. Sorry if I had to delete your posts from time to time, but sometimes, topics need to have containment.

We are going to do all we can to get to year number 5, but we need your help.

** if you have already made a contribution, thank you. You have helped to keep the site going up until this point. 100% optional , so thanks again.

Those who want to help, can join the premium group and become a LIFETIME member sponsor to the website.

or you can make a site donation via the save the planet button on the main page, left column.

Premium group members will get a 2013 Planet Dakar T-shirt that looks something like this

( rough idea, but the final product will be awesome. )

Again, 100% optional, thanks for the support & lets keep it going for many years to come.

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Hey TOG we appreciate you and your hard work. The photos and information on this site are far better than on the Speedenergy site. That video of Max driving the wheels off his "truck" was fantastic, chip off the old block. We thank you for the Planet and friends on it. Kudos Pal, you have done a fantastic job. Joan

It's been four years since we lost contact with the old Uprising and like the Cavalry TOG rides in and says climb aboard. Those were hectic times back in 2008 and we all survived thanks to TOG, WJM, MIke K and many others. Too bad I missed that first day and signed up on the 5th.

If you have not done so please contribute what you can. If it is within your means the Premium group is outstanding.

Alway remember the planet is more than just a fan site its a group of friends. Just please TOG let me in your IPO when you go public!

For all of Robby's Band-Wagon, Front-Runing (except when he places first), Most Popular Driver. Just Die-Hards...plain & simple. Thank you to all that make this possible...Planet Robby, visit this site daily. Where else would we get our RGM Fix!

It's changed my life, thanks TOG and everyone for putting up with me. I WILL BE A PREMIUM MEMBER SOON!

Thanks for everything TOG! Always love coming to this site!

Thanks for all you do, TOG

i want that shirt! yes yes.. i know how to get it :)

For all you do, this Lifetime Premium Membership is for me...thanks TOG!

I will join up ASAP. It seems that my paypal settings have been monkeyed with, else I would have had joined already.

thanks man. we are 25% of the way there as of now & after you join it should give us a few more % points.

Good Morning TOG.
Not sure it is warrented or necessary but I was thinking you could add another button to the Premium Group page.
Something like Premiun+ for those of us that are willing to go past just, "either being a group member or a donator",
and do both.
Something that links the 2 so we can kick in a little extra.
Sorry if this is already taken into account and I am missing it but as always I am just tossing shit out there.


Carl just keep tossing! it's always some good shit!!


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