Check this out you all
9/16/15, 10:42 PM
The Stadium SUPER Trucks Speed Energy Drink compound under construction at the Sand Sports Super Show.

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About an hour or so before the race he was in the Toyo display at the entrance to the track. I really like the changes RGM made to the Wildcats, they did look like they would be a heck of a lot of fun!

Mad Mike must have gotten Aarons truck .....Mad Mike was filling in for EJ Viso...

I believe you are right the wheels give it away..

So that's who cost me the win . Without that full course caution they never would have caught me .

Damn Gas Monkey's! Hopefully you get another shot at a win at SEMA.

Aaron Kaufman raced Friday and Saturday ... did very well for a celebrity ... against the "pros" ...

2015  Point Standings – After Round 15 of 20 (Sand Sports)
Pos. Driver Points Behind Starts Fast Qualifier Wins Top 3
T-16 Aaron Kaufman 34 -408 2 0 0 0
T-18 Matt Brabham 33 -409 2 0 0 0
T-18 Kyle LeDuc 33 -409 2 0 0 0
T-20 Lalo Laguna 28 -414 2 0 0 0
T-20 Toby Price 28 -414 2 0 0 0

That might be a cool idea do a celebrity/pro race

MJ, I would love to see an SST race ... with all the Republican 2016 presidential candidates ... debates are boring ... my money on Carly

MJ-That would be cool and an Arctic Cat SidexSide is the perfect platform. An SST is too much for a non-professional IMO.

I agree with you coop SST bit of a handful , maybe set it up like the Toyota race at Long Beach . Celebrity racers get a head start then the pros . Sandi why bring them stupid politicians into it , besides they don't make helmets big enough to fit over Donald Trumps hair lol .

You're probably right, MJ ... but they'd be fun to watch ...

How about if they raced donkeys for 3 laps ... first ass wins ...

Don't insult the donkeys lol


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