Check this out you all
9/16/15, 10:42 PM
The Stadium SUPER Trucks Speed Energy Drink compound under construction at the Sand Sports Super Show.

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Where is everybody tonight ? Anyway here's the latest Twitter update
Stadium SUPER Trucks on Twitter: "Sheldon Creed wins at the Sand Sports Super Show! @BurtJenner finished 2nd, @RobbyGordon was 3rd. @Traxxas" from Stadium SUPER Trucks’s Tweet

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Had an awesome time yesterday!!! Was hoping to meet the great TOG but only was able to spot him across the track

Sunday's show was great. HOT. It was cool to see Max riding shotgun with dad during the side-by-side race.

would have loved to see the fight over who drove

Bet they flipped a coin lol
Need to revise an earlier statement this might have been the Best "weekend" of SST racing ever!!
You mean there's been a weekend when SST WASNT awesome ? Lol

How was the crowd turn out for the event?

Sunday was a ghost town, but it was 1,000 degrees F, and a Sunday. They said Saturday was a sell-out.

Sorry, "ghost town" might have been extreme. It was a light crowd though.

Judging from the RePlay XD footage , Friday/Saturday nights looked like a pretty fair crowd.
Friday was a good turnout Saturday was awesome and Sunday as GDS said it was just hotter than hell and a Sunday but they still put on one hell of a show


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