Check this out you all
9/16/15, 10:42 PM
The Stadium SUPER Trucks Speed Energy Drink compound under construction at the Sand Sports Super Show.

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so what was the finishing order Sunday

Sand Sports Sunday Results:
1. Creed
2. Gordon
3. Jenner
4. Steele
5. Jones
6. Lerch
7. Whiddett
8. Dorrance
7:16pm - 20 Sep 15

Thanks mj

No prob

I'm more of a dirt guy but it seems to be doing good on the road It would be fun to see a smc type race with a super fast dirt infield section DIRT is a must for me, but that's me

This was a lil of everything . Dirt , sand and pavement .

I spend most of my time watching in car of the 77 ya fast and lots of dirt. Maybe I'll give it a look.

I noticed on the pre-race announcement that Aaron Kaufman from TV's Fast N' Loud was supposed to drive a SST at the Sand and Sport show. Did he race? Do you think that his race footage will be on the TV show?

He was there, raced? from witness's ,drove around might better discribe his SST driving non talent
He didn't race/drive/cruise around in an SST on Sunday. I think he'd given up by then. They said he was in an Artic Cat on Sunday, but we'll have to take their word for it.

GDS, He didn't do very well on Fri. or Sat. They were down a truck for Sun. so his ride went to someone that was in the point's. Spoke to him Sun before the race he wasn't real happy about being out of the truck but he was upbeat and seemed like a very nice guy. The SXS race didn't go well either...

Thanks. I saw his comments on Instagram so I wasn't really surprised when he wasn't in an SST. That's cool that he stuck around for SXS. I heard his name a hundred times but I never saw him in person so I thought maybe...but if you saw him, I can honestly say that I saw him put in a solid 7th place run! Those SXS's look like a lot of fun.


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