Check this out you all
9/16/15, 10:42 PM
The Stadium SUPER Trucks Speed Energy Drink compound under construction at the Sand Sports Super Show.

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They are way to much fun ! Someone didn't show Sunday so Robby asked me to run one in the pro race. I had a great time. I hadn't even sat in one previous to the green flag. They feel a lot like everything Robby builds so it was easy to adapt.

Sitting in the stands I new that name sounded familiar, from my seat it looked like a lot of fun!

I led most of it and barely got beat by two of the best (Rob and Sheldon). Super fun day and can't wait to do it again, this time with a little seat time. If you have a side by side sell it. if you want one wait for the W/C. they are going to give the average Joe a taste of real race car.

Thanks Steve, good to see you stop by the shop. I guess if you had to get beat ....

It was a great race glad you'll be doing more. The 2016 RG edition or the 2017? What you were racing is impressive but what could be in the works sounds like it could be worth the wait. I don't know squat just hints from an A/C rep.

The new one with the new motor will be worth the wait. The ones we raced this weekend are still superior to the rest and much more then the general public needs . That V-Twin has good torque and plenty of speed. The ride quality is what the General public is going to love. With price tag I've seen you can't say no! Even for a year while you wait . They really feel like race cars.

Sounds like either way we can't go wrong! Right now I imagine Yamaha feels they have the game changer...maybe not so much.

I'd say Polaris is the one kicking themselves in the a$$ lol

Thanks all for the info about the race. Who knows maybe RG and the Fast N' Loud guys can work a tie in. That could be fun to watch.

This was spotted at Rugged Radio's display a great take on an old school Baja bug!


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