Is Robby racing his truck or one of the Potts trucks ? When is Max racing his utv again?

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I read on a forum somewhere that he is racing the rpm truggy with a truck body on it..last time that truggy with him in it he was undefeated.. Guess til awd or 4wd is done. Or could be April fools or not

Yes this is correct.

The Truggy part

Saturday April 6th Score International San Felipe' 250
Trucks start at approx. 9:30am pt
RG starts 15th , co-dawg is Steve Stahovich. RPM Truggy/ Gieser w/TT bodywork

Livestream and scoring will be here

Entry List

Schedule of events


Neat paint job - looks like the offspring of a TT and an SST.

Live Feed

Trucks are starting

RG off at 9:43

Robby Gordon has begun

Tracking is kind of messed up, you can't sort by class

14 minutes of no scoring update for RG

any real tracking??? not tracking light


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