Anyone else watching San Felipe 250 on webcast

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Why, was it a money issue or is Robby gonna sponsor someone else

He's sponsoring Robby Gordon

Speaking of the Speed logo on vehicles I saw this picture of the course car (err truck) and noticed that the Speed logo is on that.

that's cool!

I totally get Robby sponsoring Robby but Robby needs to get SPEED out to more venues so he sells more. I totally get buy a case today and Robby races tomorrow. TOG I personnaly buy 2-3 cases by myself a month and I give away alot of SPEED to my friends. Monstor and Deadbull got more exposure by sponsoring more sports. Robby needs to do the same. And PS Robby now needs top be in Walmart in the states and Safeway in northern Ca. Its awsome he is in Luckys but he sells out quicker then the shelves can be restocked and once a week I go into a Lucky store only to find the SPEED out of stock. Thank god theres alsways another Lucky store in the area. But TOG PLEASE KEEP THE SHELVES STOCKED

Agree it would be great to see it at Walmart . I walk thru the 1 here and there's rb m rs and 5hr . Why not SPEED ?

Walmart will only buy Speed for mere pennies over what it costs to make Speed Energy. Then Speed will have to provide to over 2,500 stores. Does Speed have the manufacturing capabilities and logistical resources to keep up with demand? I agree that Speed needs to be more available at retail markets, but the business model that they are following needs to make sense in regards to their level of production and distribution. The cherry picking of retailers and grassroots campaign may be more in line with what Robby feels is the appropriate growth of his product in the market at this time. The go big method is the most glamorous but could also kill the business if demand cannot be met. Keep buying Speed and giving it out to your friends and spread the word... word of mouth advertising is a proven and most effective method of marketing.

And it should taste great as well, and IMO it meets or exceeds this content. Thanks Kevin well said.

The cost to grow to fill the Walmart shelves would be huge! Fast growth could kill business! I do wish it was sold in the northeast. I would target college areas if possible. My 2 girls drink a tom of RB especially during mid-terms and finals! But who am I, the mans got a plan and it seams to be working...

Especially when you have 90 unlimited vehicles in the best American race and not one speed energy sign, sticker, or truck or car with any speed on it .Only one would be Justin and one utv!!!!! Beside baja 500 and 10000 score is dying down! !!! Best in the desert is where its at!!!!!! So hopefully Robby shows up and smokes everybody! !!Oh ya well over couple million people that go so the think getting the cases gone and merchandise won't be a problem! !!!!

Pretty sure Speed is no longer on Lofton's car either. No speed logos on the car at Parker.

Only his helmet


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