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Ryan wins at Milwaukee , GOOD JOB RYAN ! Keep kicking Ass !

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Good to see that race back on the schedule, great job by Michael for promoting and his driver getting the win
Yeah that's an old historic track . Lots of legendary drivers have been there .

Great to see Andretti cars P1 and P3. RHR dominated.

Way to go RHR!!

Wish i was there unstead of Michigan. No Robby No Nascar!

You'll get your NASCAR fix this Sunday lol 

I was excited to see Ryan win at Milwaukee... Overall, it capped off an impressive weekend for the Andretti Group... and even better week for the Milwaukee Mile.

Tuesday night featured an ASA race that saw Rusty Wallace come out of retirement to take on a bunch of NASCAR stars including Matt Kenseth, David Stremme, David Ragan, Aric Almirola, Johnny Sauter, and more. 72+ cars took time in qualifying! Some big names went home including Scott Wimmer and Ross Kenseth. ASA was expecting about 7,500 people to attend, but 14,000 showed up! For a track that many thought was on its last leg, that was amazing! ASA has already indicated that they are looking to make this an annual event, and many of the NASCAR stars (including Rusty) have said that they would come back. Good old "5 time" is even considering it since the race is in honor of the late Howie Lettow who mentored Johnson and many of the other drivers I listed above in the ASA series.

Then fast forward to IndyFest... A well thought out weekend by the Andretti group. Realistically, they only had three months to build it and promote, and by most accounts they succeeded. Michael announced right before giving the command to start engines that Milwaukee IndyFest will return in 2013.

So, for the first time in 3 or 4 years... there's no question that the Milwaukee Mile will be alive in 2013!

It's soooooo good seeing these old tracks coming back . 
Just found out Ryan won again yesterday at Iowa 

Lucky, but congrats to RHR and team...

Luck or skill a win is a win 

Luck????? He saved his stuff until the end. Very fast on long runs.


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