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RPM for Dodge...just in from Tradin' Paint with Rick Benjamin and Chocolate Myers

They say it will be announced on Friday....

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Richard Petty just sold his last soul. I'm shocked.

That makes 2 of, he doesn't make a car, an engine.....but he's the

They are going to move to a facility and learn how to build a car?

This is not surprising at least too me but it is just wrong if penske builds the engines for dodge while penske races fords and sells engines to another team with a different manufacture..

there is much more to come from this..stay tuned...

I really hope I'm right on where this is heading. RPM could buy cars from someone already building Dodges...Like Idk RGM?

I like the way you think. Same thought has crossed my mind.

I saw recently that Penske is going to sell his engine building facility. If he does, that makes far more sense. Why would he want to build and develop engines for the competition.

They needed an established team. I dont see the problem here.

They're on Penske property with no MFG capabilities from what I hear...It's been a bid part of today's trading paint...I'm no expert, but they seam to be...

I team that proves they can run near the front and has been doing it

as a satellite Roush team (Roush Yates Engines, Roush chassis and engineering) As Robby pointed out,they don't build anything they race,just service equipment provided.
I wonder if Richard speaks Italian or knows how to use Google translate?

@WJM, I don't think the King has a soul,I think he sold out a couple of deals ago.This probably was his last deal selling his name.This won't help Dodge sell car.IMO

And since theres no alternative, they went with Petty


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