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Yeah baby I'm soooooooo stoked right now . Sal's done a great job but was getting a lil long in the tooth . Roger is a great racer and did a good job with HDRA so he has the experience . I think its gonna be a great move for the desert racing world . Love the idea of the World Championship too bad they can't bring it to Riverside like they did back then . GOOD LUCK ROGER and VAYA CON DIOS SAL

This from everyone i have talked to and everything i have read that has raced in his HDRA is a great thing. Talk about someone who has vision and drive to make things great... Roger is cut from that cloth!

Am i misreading the fact that the first round in Jean and the 2012 awards in newport beach are on the same day....

Race isn't really long and awards ain't til that night so could be right .

This is great news. Would love to hear RG's take on this.

Great idea on Norman's part. Desert racing is growing fast...

Something I learned from that link is that Tecate is a brand of beer, I for some reason had always thought it was some Mexican supermarket chain or something like that.

come up at a summer party with a Tecate 18 or 24 pack with a bag of lemons and a salt shaker....this combo just plain works....with no glass to break out-doors. no awards, but functional and refreshing

Yup, it's beer. But, like many of the Mexican beers not worth drinking. Mexican beer is either really great or really bad. The great ones include Bohemia, Dos XX, Negra Medelo, maybe Victoria. Indio is importing to the USA again after not doing so for 35 years and it tastes OK. The rest suck. I would drink recycled water before I would drink Corona.

1- Corona
2- Tecate
3- Dos Equis

Haven't tried the rest of course if you want good Mexican alcohol just drink Tequila lol


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