Ever wonder where our boy RG would have been today if the purchase of RYR was finalized?

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Worse off than currently. Roush would have never worked with Robby, and Roush is the only thing that saved Robert Yates from total ruin in racing.

My thoughts are completely opposite.

That's interesting, never would have thought RYR was in that predicament. They had some good cars and drivers back in the day.. Dale Jarrett and Ernie Irvin to name a few....

They definitely did - but the last couple years were not so Great. Gilliand and Kvapil, with Free credit report and Golden Corral on the hood were not pretty.

Jack Roush didn't see Robby as the threat to his plan on becoming the de facto Ford engine supplier, he feared Robby's partner, John Menard. Menard already had engine design and manufacturing capabilities in the UK and was certainly no stranger to the racing business. Jack knew there was no way he could compete with him on a dollar for dollar basis. Instead, Swarmy Jack went into "rat in the hat" mode behind the scenes to kill the deal, not once, but twice.

Thanks for shedding some light on this... interesting.

Shedding light? That was all conjecture. How does he know that happened?

why do you believe it's conjecture?

How does he know that happened?

I'm pretty sure that pic means it came straight from the horses mouth.

I'm not sure if I know this story so could someone give more details?
I thought Jack and Robby were ok just because of the IMSA days...is this not correct?


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