I just saw the left side column., Robby's going to be at Watkins Glen in the #7 Dodge. Too all you NAAH SAYERS . Screw the 22 and lets get back to supporting the man Robby!!!

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Bully Hill , Lake Niagara , and Cascada are good choices with Cascada being right in Watkins Glen

I'd love to see Robby run at Watkins Glen, but money is the big factor. He didn't do well at Sonoma this year, too bad, but I kind of agree, the cars don't have what it takes to stay up in the top 20.

I believe he can stay top 20 easy, he had some crazy pit strategy going last time, without that he is easy top 20. Until he broke he was running as fast as the leaders..If he don't go it will be because of cash flow//

not to be a negative Nancy but the Glen will be more difficult to run as fast as the leaders.As Robby said at Sears,he's down 70hp on the Fords and the Glen is a HP track first,track position second,strategy third.IMO
The Sears strategy was based on historic cautions (IMO) and they didn't happen.'CUP' has in my perception the fewish cautions per race I can remember,so I wouldn't base strategy on cautions,unless your willing to make them ;-)

yeah it's horse ...something

Sitting at Sears and waiting for 82 laps before the cars were bunched up was the most boring thing I have witnessed there. Not good for spectators. But then again we all complain about "phantom" cautions, too.

Regardless, I hope he races there and is competitive.

Sounds like someone is out of a ride at TBR...

"Yeley moving to Tommy Baldwin Racing: J.J. Yeley, who has been driving the #49 for Robinson-Blakeney Racing, tweeted Wednesday morning, "Making some positive changes for the remainder of 2012. Moving over to TBR". No additional details available yet" jayski

Maybe RG gets a seat for WG as part of the change? A fella can dream...

Sure, but why go all the way over there to S&P?

You know the sound the toilet makes when you push the handle very slowly not all the way???????????the closer the Glen gets the louder that noise gets ........just Sayin
Oh and if anyone would like to send a slap in the head my way feel free, the great race came through Buffalo for the first time at the end of june and I forgot to go down there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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