So today I had a 6hr endurance single speed (only one gear) mountain bike race. At approximately 1:15 into the race I got a flat. It took approximately 14 minutes to get it somewhat repaired enough for me to get back to the pits. This put me somewhere around last in the race. I thought about just packing it in and calling it a race but then I started to think about Robby and how he fights through no matter what. I got on my back up bike and went on Speed Energy pace and was able to pull back everybody except the leader to finish 2nd!! I wish I could thank Robby personally or at least let him know what an encouragement he is to tons of people, but he is a little busy right now and probably gets told that a lot. Also wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to TOG for working so hard for the Planet.

Just wanted to share with my fellow Planeteers about how the Dakar and Robby's effort made an impact on me.

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Thanks MJ. I really wish I could get the Speed Energy Logo on my back but others pay the bills right now so I have to run their logos.

Please tell me you don't mean the big green M or those other nasty tasting energy drinks lmao

No. I have a car dealership and a bike shop as my main sponsors with four other small sponsors.

Lol glad to hear
That is why I'm a Robby Gordon fan. If he was a boxer, all of his fights would look like a Rocky movie. He always picks himself and his team back up. Nice post!
Great Story! Congrats on your 2nd place!

I would just say gas GAS ON but that doesn't apply here...



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