I was watching the PGA Tour event on NBC and saw a brief promo for the SST Phoenix event.

Talk about going against a monster, the Masters will be on CBS. So if the event doesn't draw a lot in the ratings, don't panic. A better gauge will be later in the summer.

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They show golf on tv still? Just kidding. Glad NBC is stepping up with the promos.

Golf. Racing. Two distinctly different demographic and fan bases.

Actually, I watch both & will be watching the Masters that day since it is live versus SST. But as soon as the golf is over you bet I'll be playing the SST race! I know, I'm weird, Jerry tells me that all the time. I'm sure I don't fall in either's demographic.

same here

I am stoked for the Masters. I bet RG would be in the PGA if they let them drive carts. Imagine how cool his cart would be.

Golf what racers do when they retire lol .
Why not combine the two? You can play Golf using a SST as a golf cart.
my idea of combining would be using the golf course as a SST/moto-cross track.

I agree MK. Let's race this


SST is on @ 3pm Sunday on NBC (Channel 4 in CT)!!! YAY, FREAKIN YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

SST polo? Interesting concept. WJM, gotta say out here, there's more crossover in fanbase than you'd expect. It's not just Jaci this time, promise :) Granted, that's nascar/Indy racing fans, in the yankee north, but... MX has it's following, & short course is just reaching this area with TORC exposure over the last couple years. Again, I don't know that to hold true everywhere, just my observation.


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