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Watching F1 Practice and they just said that Robby will be co-hosting Wind Tunnel this Sunday.

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New time tonight 9pm est. The Planet can take over the Tunnel 1-866-988-6635 or Lets show our support!

Best way to do it is put the phone on speaker and use autodial 
Yeah robby go baby one hour to wind tunnel time
I don't know guys do I watch Family Guy on FOX or Wind Tunnel 
At truckstop and these guys want to watch amc so i google from my android and it says the page is not avail. last resort is bribe truckers with a case of ethanol energy drink here goes lol
Gotta get 1 of those dishes for the top of your truck and put surround sound in it lol. 
Here we go guys SPEED Energy takes over SPEED channel ! 
For real huh lookin like i will have to veiw it later but im trying a link thru itv lol
OH HELL YA ! But could do without the NASCRAP story right off the bat 

Robby looks good!!! Owner, driver, winner!!!

Truckers are not fans unless it 's jr. or someone with a big name. I wont watch with them because they look and don't see.

Oh boy this oughta be good gonna ask Robby what he thinks about Ku. Busch


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