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Watching F1 Practice and they just said that Robby will be co-hosting Wind Tunnel this Sunday.

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6 year old girl at a Buffalo Sabres game I bowed and others followed

I tried not to listen, so I don't know.. then again, I'm Canadian, so I don't know if what I think the words are is right either.

it was drawn out way longer than it needed to be.

but hey... Lofton still on a top 10 finish streak, led with the big "S" on the back, and still leading points.

it wasn't the MOST exciting race ever, but it's better than cup racing.. my opinion anyways

Oh come on Chris living in Buffalo like Michael I'm sure he knows the Canadian anthem too . We can't help but know it going to any sports event around here we hear both anthems lol 

@Chris, living in Washington,the Canadian anthem is played/sang for every event here for our Canadian brothern.

Think it's pretty much played everywhere along the US / Canada border lol 

I've never actually looked up the words.. 99% chance I'm right, but yeah, I've heard it enough times too..

especially considering no canadian nhl teams have been in the playoffs since round 1.

i should know better.

anyways, yeah.. her singing wasn't very good.

Kind of related, not new thread worthy, but robby in the RPM truggy in new off road magazine

Which Mag?..OffRoad?

Yes Off-Road
It sold in magazine racks or just subscription , I gotta get a copy 

I hope someone will record this and post the link. There a quite a few of us that don't get the Speed Channel any longer.

Just saw the full lineup, not only is Robby Co-Hosting but Robin Miller is as well & Michael Andretti is going to be the guest.


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