Ivan Stewart is " The Ironman " , Walker Evans is " The Legend " . What nickname should Robby have ? Stick with " Flash Gordon " or something different ? I suggest " Robby The Rebel " since he's always ran to his own beat and rebelled against the norm . What do you all suggest ? Look forward to seeing your ideas .

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I prefer simply, RG. He's a man, not a cartoon character.


Ivan Stewart or Walker Evans aren't exactly cartoon characters either . Yet they have nicknames . It doesn't make you cartoony if anything it adds to your status as 1 of the best . Which we all know Robby is on that list . Hell even Robby's own dad has a nickname " Baja Bob " .

Robby the Rebel....Hmmmm kinda has a ring to it... I would be honored!!


Ask oL' DW he seems the authority on shoving fabricated tags on folks that should otherwise come from wit and happen chance. I knick named my dog YO all four seem to like it as a matter of fact. Nick names not a taker.

Mike "the unbearible is he puking again remember that time we I told you electricity hurts" Martinez

277V Hurts...yes you will probably get sick...yes I have

The Dad of the Little Chickens :)

Not sure about this, but I thought I heard that Robby was called "crash Gordon" in NASCRAP arena......

Back in the day Robby wrote a column in On Track magazine and I think it was "Flash" Gordon? or was it "Brash" Gordon?

W "oh shit your going to ride that? JM

Hey, just replying to the thread...shoot me....


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