Robby will be a guest on NascarNow! ESPN2 @5pm ET Wednesday June 22,

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really good interview talked about last years race , kimi , pj , and robby's plans for SPEED

I guess i missed it i was at work i was in my last room as far as cleaning can't watch tv i guess they get mad about it cuz your not doing your work lol

Checked the schedule did not see a re-air for today's show?


Is it going to be posted here?

Thanks for the link, was @ work and missed it.

So when will that Speed Energy black golf shirt be available for purchase?

Agreed that would be awesome to have 
Thanks missed it earlier, good interview.
Love this part
"the guys that can drive race cars normally do the best on road courses. Oval is just a big skid pad, its more of an engineering game (meaning money)"
Good interview. BTW robby is 20/1 at Bodog


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