Robby Gordon unlikely to run NASCAR in 2013 - UPDATE "Never rule anything out" 12/21/12

Not a big surprise to some of us...

Robby Gordon, who raced his way into the Daytona 500 last year as part of a light NASCAR schedule, is not scheduled to do any NASCAR racing in 2013. Spokesperson Alison McCabe said she doesn't think Gordon will participate in NASCAR due to his involvement in his new racing project, Robby Gordon's Stadium Super Trucks series. The 12-race off-road stadium series will debut April 6 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. The Stadium Super Trucks series will be televised by NBC and the NBC Sports Network. Sponsorship woes with his self-owned team led to him racing only three times in 2012: the season-opener at Daytona, race No. 2 at Phoenix and the road-course race at Sonoma. He failed to qualify for early-season races at Las Vegas and Fontana. (12/19/12)


UPDATE: "With Robby's attention towards the 2013 Dakar Rally and the inaugural season of Robby Gordon OFF-ROAD's Stadium SUPER Truck Series (SST), there has been a lot of speculation regarding his future NASCAR plans. We are all focused on providing an exciting kick-off to the 2013 SST season at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ on April 6th. At the same time, we would never rule out the possibility of running selected NASCAR events."(RGM/Spokesperson Alison McCabe)(12-21-2012)

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Agree with TOG, takes lotsof money to go fast, his NASCAR days are unfortunately done I would think. Sucks

The important question: will chat be open during NASCAR races so we can weigh the issues of the day?

@C2B, 'CUP' chat was fun for the members that participated. If I get my 2013 wish for the Planet we'll cover the same events we did last year.
Thank you C2B for supporting Nascar 'chat' all season.

That was fun, hope we get to do the same in 2013.

Totally agree, NASCAR chat was great. Love watching the race with everyone here.

Sign me up on the list of people who are bummed about this and would like to see Robby back in a NASCAR car or truck.... (I know MJ you do not agree its ok relax) I am looking forward to Dakar and how the SST's work out and I hope it goes well.

It's not that I don't like seeing Robby in NASCAR . Id root for him if he were driving a shopping cart down a hill , I just love off road ALOT more and that's where Robby TRUELY shines . You ask anyone of the regular chatters and you'll see I was always there and even had different drivers I rooted for ( mostly I'd pick the highest qualified Ford driver ) . Hell i even made a contest for the Chase . But then compare that to how I was when we had offroad chats going . I was far more interested in it . Just like I've said before I don't hate the racing its how NASCAR is being run that ruffles my feathers . Regardless its STILL racing and beats a day of football , baseball or basketball any day lol .

Im watching ROBBY

Robby is a racer! NASCAR is not for independents anymore! It doesn't make business sense. Go get the best bang for your buck. I will watch and support you whatever you chose to do!

+1 @MM

Personally - I'm happy about this.

Unless I'm mistaken, Red Bull has also pulled out of Nascar. That should pretty much tell all of us that the demographic isn't right for their product....and RG is building a similar brand.

I'm not a marketing guy...but, if I had to guess - I'd guess the spend on energy drinks is PRIMARILY males between the ages of 15 and 25.

I don't think that group watches or even cares about Nascar (discounting Danica).

My 2013 "wish" is for RG to really help bring attention to far more interesting forms of racing and as a result - drive more TV coverage.

If I had to guess - most planeteers and racing enthusiasts would find off-road, SST, rally, etc. all more interesting to watch than Nascar.

Just my 2p.

(Seperately - Nascar is really hurting with attendance, viewership, etc.)

With Stadium Super Trucks starting in a few short months, outside of the Dakar effort, Robby has been putting all of his focus into launching the series. If things go well, Robby and Speed Energy could be big fish in a small pond, rather than being a figuratively speaking guppy in the world of NASCAR. Robby with his efforts and that of Kevin Wilson and team have been using effective social media marketing to promote their interests to their target audience for their brand. The trick is to get the casual fan interested and be able to tie SST, Speed Energy, and the series sponsors together to produce a outstanding show and more importantly good television. I'm sure that they will prior to the first event in Phoenix step up their distribution of Speed Energy, if not nationwide, at least in the markets where the events will be. Sometimes advertising can be detrimental to brand promotion if the product is regularly unavailable or difficult to obtain. If the sponsors and partners of SST do their part to promote the series using the various avenues at their disposal then 2013 will be a huge year for RGM!!


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