To our fans and SPEED Energy supporters…

I am happy to announce that we were able to reach a mutually beneficial settlement of our dispute with Specialized Bicycles regarding logos, and we will soon be selling all of our same merchandise with our new SPEED Energy Logo. In fact, we anticipate having merchandise with the new SPEED Energy logo available for on-line purchase between December 18th-20th with shipping available for holiday delivery. In the meantime, merchandise with the old logo has been discontinued.

SPEED Energy plans to have energy drink products with the new SPEED logo available in stores in early January 2011. Please continue to check back for updates on when and where products will be available in your area.

We want to thank you for your continued support of SPEED Energy and Robby Gordon Motorsports. We believe the new look of the product and merchandise is cooler than anything you’ve seen.

Keep up the SPEED!

Robby Gordon

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Gas On!

thanks for understanding why we had to take the high road with this topic over the past few weeks.


     Sorry if i rattled your cage thru all that bull$h!t but even you gotta admit that it was a completely unnessessary low blow move on theyre behalf . Confusing an energy drink and a yuppie bike is almost as bad as confusing that Sports Ill. writer Bowels with say Jeff Hammond lol

well, through all the BS, I like the new logo better,

seems to have its own feel and identity.


How much $ did Robby lose in this? if the old cans have been discontinued, are we talking seven figures?

Me thinks, nah keep my mouth shut---gas on to the future RG--go get'm at DAKAR

Are you offering to pay?

just need to sharpie the old cans.

Just re-wrap the cans like the cars on pink race day

I am glad to hear this is worked out now.

You all know there is a plan of some kind for the old logo cans. They won't pour it down the drain.

i bought a 4 pack with the old logo, is that my new collectors item sense i have not opened it.  lol


Maybe they are traveling to Argentina? Or they can pour them in a plastic bag and stick them in a box like those wines-in-a-box.  Easier for mixing cocktails ;-)


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