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Robby Gordon (No. 7 MAPEI/Save Mart Supermarkets Dodge Charger R/T) Qualified 34th - HOW HAPPY ARE YOU WITH YOUR QUALIFYING LAP? “I’m happy because we’re in the race on Sunday. I’m not happy with where we’re going to end up in qualifying. We just struggled for forward bite. I was very conservative on my lap. Our car has more than (that) but I just couldn’t push it like I wanted to. If I make one mistake, I go home. I had to be conservative and we got a decent lap in our Save Mart Dodge.”

WHAT WILL YOU WORK ON TOMORROW IN THE FINAL PRACTICES? “We know what we need to do. When you’re outside of the top 35 in owner points you have to play it safe in qualifying. We made the show. There’s two different races, one to get into the race and the race itself. We really have to work on fuel mileage, fuel mileage and fuel mileage. We’ll look at rear tire wear as well. Those are the two things and then we’ll go for it.”

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RG knows he has nothing to lose on Sunday. Kind of like the Montreal mindset which I love. Part time effort allows him to go for broke on Sunday and get a win for Mapei/Speed/Savemart along with his team and the fans. Kind of wish we had a guy like Kevin Hamlin on the box to keep Robby focused on just passing cars but I have all the faith in the world in RG's plan whatever it may be. Whether you have to stay out on tires, gamble on fuel mileage, or rough someone up RG will be going for the win and we should expect nothing less.


I'm not sayin' there is anything wrong with answers in a can nor am I fan of doing everything like a pants off dance off.............however each and everyone on this site is here because of a certain degree of "teeth showing". Now that you are here take into account, into consideration and for what it's worth some salt, that there are certain limitations..........and I hate when someone says that. The chips very rarely fall the way you plan, want or to say the least hope but a well laid plan has a plan B and for all the "not what we want to see or hear" I'm sure as the race unfolds it will be worth the price of admission which for me is $1,089.63 I love getting the quotes so as a service to the planet membership I'm on second thought I'm not, it will have to be a surprise.

I'm hoping for a rear gear change.

They only allow 2 different gears correct? Do you want him to use the more aggressive one or the gas mileage one.


As per NASCAR performance

5.0, 5.14, 5.29

@imsa.on the Q footage the engine was at 9700 on the get up to speed lap ,9600 coming to the ch. flag and 9700 coming out of the esses.Robby is in need of strategy.IMO So the 5.0 to lower the rev's to 9200 or 5.14 to be more aggresive, but not the 5.29. The Toyota's might have been using the 5.14-they where reving to 9500 and the Ford's and Chevy's 5.29 and reving to 9900.
@Wheaton, TY. I missed the airing.

Best of luck on the forward bite dang goodyear. guess the gearing can help that torque. just so limited on compound, and its effect on fuel. wow so much to do and then plan B.

I thought there were only 2 choices, thats why I could not figure out the variance in the rpm of the cars. I agree the 5.14 would be as aggressive as I would go, unless the rumor of being down so much on horsepower would allow the 5.29 and still get the mileage needed. I for one hope the 5.14 and the weaker engine will be the way they go. Of course pitting just as a caution comes out would be ideal as well. I think they will go for the 2 stop strategy but that has me worried because of the fuel injection and ethanol unknowns. As long as the brakes are where they need to be without wheel hopping and the rear tire wear is good, he should be top 15 for the last 15 or so laps


rule 1 in racing is capitalize on your strongest point and make sure your weak link is not going to take you out.
So, everybody chime in here.....What is the strong and weak points today?

The car...Engine?

Strong....well, its robby. Weak, is say car and temper


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