Robby decided to test something on the car for the upcoming Phoenix race , a race that will sport the Polaris colors, and he got pulled over by the cops. Some changes have been made to the cup cars & Robby wanted to see how they were. Nothing like a highway to open the car up at full

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Why does the car have the old wing? Could that car be the street legal show race car? Because the seat looks more like the Recaro seat vs the Cup race seat.
all I know is, they made a change to the car & Robby wanted to test it on the highway for the upcoming Phoenix race. All he needed was a straight line advisory from RG coming out..
I thought NASCAR issued the spoilers to teams at each track - like they use to with the plates on the wing.
Not sure I've know anyone other ran Robby to have a race vehicle on the hwy... passes in front of SF General, Candlestick, up and own main drags.... LOL!

Looks like media got it already....

Some Robby Gordon pr stunt appears to be on tap for tomorrow morning #NASCAR

This what we got : R Gordon to Address Media at Talladega on Run in With the Law that involved high levels of Octane and SPEED

two words: BO GUS #NASCAR
From Jayski. •Robby Gordon holding press conference Friday: From a media advisory: "SPEED and running on high Octane are nothing new for Robby Gordon - that's what Robby Gordon Motorsports is built around. But on Thursday, October 28, 2010, Gordon was caught driving an illegal NASCAR race car at a high rate of SPEED on Highway 77 in Huntersville, NC that slowed down portions of the interstate due to the scene. Gordon was questioned before being released by local authorities. He will be on hand at Talladega Superspeedway and available to answer any questions regarding this event and how it could affect the future of Robby Gordon Motorsports.(RGM), sounds like something relating to a TV show on SPEED next season.(10-28-2010)
If Speed Factory got picked up I will be ecstatic...
It sure sounds like something like that happened. I am so pumped right now, sounds like he has something BIG planned.
If it was a publicity stunt for a SpeedFactory show, then was was Polaris on the car? That doesn't make sense.
Those rims sure look shiny like MWR rims. Wish we could see the nose to see what the manufacturer was.

Looks like its already exploded on Twitter
AHHHHH, thats just good stuff
I'm just freakin excited that after weeks of doom and gloom that there looks like there's something happening...


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