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Austin posted it but leinency will be given if he turns in RDC lol

Thanks Austin. Sounds good so far. Can't wait to see the new truck!

Really doubting its true

Robby is off to a great start this season. For what it's worth, I extend a wholehearted congratulations to Robby and team. But you just gotta love Robby for statements such as this: "“We are batting one thousand for the season and don’t plan on stopping until we win every race this season.” says Robby Gordon". (Bold itallics added by me.)

Why do it if you don't believe you can? What else can you say but, Go Robby!

april fools! think about it guys. you really think that robby is going to relinquish any control of any of his operations??? no. RGM might get some ideas from the geisers, but he will never merge with them. buyout??? maybe... but i dont think clyde is in need of any money. good joke tho!

Ever since I waited under the bleachers for ..............a long time.......................I have no concern for April fools day...........for it is April that is the fool where ever she may be Oh April for how long I waited I waited for thee.
I paid 1,400 bucks to put that in the yearbook.

I can't believe that some of you are actually thinking that this could be true. Although this story is much better than last year. If you were on RDC last year they had an article that Justin Bieber was going to race a Trophy Truck and one about some crazy race from Reno, Nv. to Cabo San Lucas. C'mon, we are not that foolish on here.

This has been talked about since Parker.
Well, I though.....and....what about Gibbs chassis helping.....

Hah! I knew it when I read it. (Just kept my mouth shut). :-)


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