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This might be in the wrong section, sorry for that. I am just trying to see the interest, or possibly let Robby see the interest in these.

Here is a list of the diecast I wish Robby had out there. I honestly think they would sell out in a heartbeat. I have been saying this for years and I think Robby has the biggest fan base to get something like this going considering his sponsorship,and marketing. I know price would be a big factor but if you look at current diecast it could be done wihtout being unaffordable for both parties. Maybe we should list the prices we would be willing to pay for each of these depending on what you want.

1/43-1/64th scale
Dakar Hummer
Trophy Truck
Frieghtliner with trailer to fit Hummer or Trophy Truck
Chase rig with trailer
Speed Energy Cup hauler (maybe get RCCA to make this, since they produce a few already, or Spin Masters)

Dakar Hummer
Trophy Truck
Chase rig with trailer

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A trophy truck die-cast would be pretty awesome...

Trophy Truck, Hummer, and a Dakar Frieghtliner would all be cool.

I would like to see the 3 different speed cars done by RCCA is an elite 3 car set, all signed. I would pony up some $$ for that. Last year RCCA did the 4 Hendrick cars signed for $500.

Would love to see some high quality Cup car diecast in all of his paint schemes. Mainly wan't to see a Hummer, words can't express how much I'd pay for that hahaha!

The only off-road diecast ive ever seen is this Herbst 1

I bought this online from Terrible Herbst back a few years ago . The mound its on is from a toy set of somekind and i shoegooed it on there and added the letters from a RC truck lettering kit . The rig is from the same place but i keep that unopened . This would be awesome in a SPEED paint scheme .

I would like to see anything BUT nascar die cast!!!! Bring on the DIRT die cast!!!

I have one of Scott Steinberger's 7 Fabtech truck like the 19, and I wanted to pick up the hauler from Terrible Herbst.

The cup cars aren't really what I'm interested in, but NO ONE seems to offer anything anymore for the offroad community.

Agreed on the 1/24th Hummer and Trophy Truck. I would buy those right now.

The company that made the rig and the trophy truck is Jada Toys 


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