Robby Gordon wears many hats: Dakar team owner, SST Series owner, Dakar racer, SST racer and desert racer but Robby put on a different kind of hat this past week, a Santa Hat for the kids in Baja. “I have wanted to do this for a long time and I finally had the opportunity to come to Baja to give something back in return of all the years of racing here. It’s all about making the kids smile this time of year.” -Robby Gordon

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Good read
Santa Robby !

that's so sweet been
a fan of rg for lost count. with out Baja desert racing would not be what it is. gas on race desert

Great to see him giving back like this at Christmas. I've seen him at tracks spending time with fans and stuff - guess that's one of the characteristics we loved about RG. Good luck at Dakar!

This is a class act - this is why Robby has so many fans.
Just think , Friday before Christmas and just before Dakar.
Robby could be anywhere in the world and he's south of the border
near Ensenada, Mexico,

Super heavy...........


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