Robby building an all wheel drive conversation on RDC

There’s a Robby building an all wheel drive conversation on RDC come join the fun

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I wish him to get it done they beat the cry baby BM7 to give him more to cry about. Spoiled little rich whinner. If he cant handle the heat then he needs to get out of the kitchen!!!

I wrote “ if Red Bull gives you wings Bryce should have flew past Robby I guess Robby just had more SPEED “ lol

That's a great reminder why I don't go to that forum....lots of people think they are Robby's equal or even better than him. lol If your so good and know so much more why haven't I ever herd of you. where is your resume and don't include I could of been if for

Im sure he has cad and design people that help him figure out the best plan for what he wants do. I like how he does things like keeping a secret and making people guess what hes doing.

RG has really good a Non Discloser contract.

I hope he will be testing soon to get the bugs worked out of it.


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