So, to be upfront Ive road shotgun in multiple off-roads cars, well three, but thats multiple, a class 1, a protruck and a 516 and I am watching these people, via Dale Jr contest, who are freaking out in a cup/or xfinity car.

So I was kinda curious, if anyone has actually been freaked out in a track car. I would think, the answer for most of us it no, we would it exhilarating.

I think the only type of race car I might be a bit freaked out in, riding shot gun, would be a rally car, like WRC type event.

Anyways, Thoughts?

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It's ALL who's driving that matters.


I'd bet Tooltime has story's .


Scary yes but guarantee I'd have a grin from ear to ear .

Class 1 and 10 for me......I would love the chance for a stock car ride. I would stay quiet even if I was scared. Rally car would be a bit much.

Only time I rode shotgun was in the car in my picture at Charlotte for the All Star race. I couldn't convince them to let me drive! :( Of course we didn't get to go very fast. I don't think I would have been scared, but maybe I would have. I told my husband when I won the lottery last week (joke, joke), I was gonna pay Robby for a ride in the Gordini. Dang the Luck!


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