Hate to be the fan to ask this, but been trying to keep updated and nothing, so any help here would be greatly clear up the junk out there on the web. Such as RG sold everything and going into the sunset!!

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Next Cup race is Sonoma, still using RGM owned/built equipment. There's an off-road or two before that though. Just search this forum as his upcoming schedule was listed here.

Maybe I'm dumb, but can't find it, my guess is nothing till Sonoma for any thing, correct?

Baja 500 in June. Probably a few other off road events before Baja.

Most of us dont have all day to search or hangout online. I like it when someone like speedy7 asks a question like this, it keeps it up top on the thread list.

TOG, recommendation, maybe put this thread on the top 3, or make a new thread so us guys can find out quickly and easily while on our work breaks. These stretches of down time for Robby may be more frequent in the coming months, could be a good way for us to stay informed. Also, no information is information too (still good to know)


I have something going in the pylon section on the main page. Sorry, I have been trying to lock down the deal with the rice-a-roni people to takeover this website during the downtime.


Rice-A-Roni ? Will that be the Sonoma sponsor?

How about Hambuger-helper, has lots of money and needs a car hood to put on

it was a reference from the movie " There's Something about Mary "

I was just thinking it was because it was the "San Francisco Treat"

It was... they're changing their image...


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