According to BJ's Facebook page they are in Japan and meeting with Toyo Tires about an exciting future.
What's your guess?

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I have no idea how BJ's contract with M reads, but BJ didn't get to drive a couple of times we/I thought he was.
And I don't think it was his choose.

Baja Girl 77 found this pic

Who supplied the mixers ? Monster and vodka or SPEED and tequila lol .

looks like they are drinking water?

Thanks for doing posting this for me Mike. I haven't been on much but every one in a while I pop in and see what's going on just getting done with a cold and working

What does BJ's shirt say?

I think it says District 36 ....

I believe it's "Go Huck Yourself"

Maybe they're going for sushi.

No reason for energy drink makers to not hop on board. This series has proven to have fair vehicles, heck teenagers have won! Say every energy drink sponsors a couple cars (Monster, RB, Rockstar, SPEED and possibly more) Traxxas and some single race sponsorships would really improve the fields and the racing. The more sponsors the more testing days which should really help get everyone more comfortable with the cars. If memory serves right RG ended both these relationship amicably.

It'd be great to see the series run after the nascar season and invite some guys out to mess around, especially if they race on pavement! Get the word out. This series is total catch-22. It's better racing with more sponsorship(drivers), more sponsorship will come with more fans and more fans will come with come with better racing.
BJ - "The professional athlete" - is he in "Ballistic Mode" or does he have to be in "Rampage" to enter that mode.




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