According to BJ's Facebook page they are in Japan and meeting with Toyo Tires about an exciting future.
What's your guess?

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Take the check and pay respect. Toyo Tires has been a outstanding long-time sponsor of Robby Gordon Off-Road.



It could be Dakar plus more SST money. Toyo is one of the NBC show sponsors and we don't know how much the race venues are costing RG.

That doesn't mean BJ to DAKAR with RGM for 2014.just remember it's M who's been the hold up on BJ driving in SST.
How long is BJs contract with M ? Could be just the right time for BJ to step over to the other side lol . I know the chances of that happening are nil but , it would be so cool if it did .

That's the road block for sure. However, it would be a cool deal to see them join up in Dakar.

As much as we all want to see more Robby, more SST, and more Speed, the best move for Robby is to not loose sight of the benefit of strengthened, not weakened, relationships with the other big sponsors, ie the energy drinks. I too would love to see BJ as part of team RG, but as Robby grows to a more influential spot in all things off-road racing wise, Monster and others should not be squashed. I say let them all in SST. Make it fun. SST is a driver centric event. This is in the charter. SST was created by, and is ran by a driver. Sponsors are vitally important. Can't do it without them. But no fan I know has ever cheered for a sponsor.

Monster , Red Bull , Rockstar etc , they are ALL welcome in SST . It's THEM that aren't letting their drivers compete . Rob Mac is with Rockstar and hes allowed to run SST . Same deal with Ricky Johnson and Red Bull . Its only Monster that has a problem not Robby or SST

Got it. Good for Robby. Monster's out in the cold then because they're a stubborn ass. Big shot! Go SST! Let's race!

SST , stands for inclusive. Nobody is sitting out becouse Robby won't allow them.Driver sponsor wise.In fact Robby would probably like it if sponsors picked up the bill some drivers haven't paid.

Im pretty sure BJ is allowed too..............just not with Monsters money. Just like Rob Mac, hes got Traxxas for SST.


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