Traxxas is coming out with the Speed Energy version of the Slash truck this November.

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I'm ready to order!
Figures it'd come out after I've already done it lol . Now I gotta change everything cause I hate having the same as everyone else 

mines already won a trophy lol
It looks great! Congrats on the trophy!
That's awesome!
I'm ready to order too!
If any of you need help with set-up tips or anything just ask me or Tooltime we will be glad to help 
I've never owned a R/C vehicle or even played with one. I think I might start with this beauty. Is it fun? Do you need anything else besides what comes with this?
Seriously....I had a plane & the unthinkable happened....seriously, IT FLEW AWAY!!! My kids and wife had the laugh of there lives at that one...$500.00 and away it went! I learned (when I went back to the hobby shop) that simply keep turning right and down I could have got it back... Funny stuff, the real world.
they are not assembled?never had one but will be getting one for my son, this is his encentive to bring home good grades, so far it is working. It should come with a Robby Gordon action figure LOL (I'll keep that one)
they are assembled. RTR just plug in your battery and go.
Yeah these are totally RTR ( READY TO RUN ) You can upgrade stuff as you go . You can change just about everything , shocks , tires , wheels , motors , etc .go to this site for an idea of how much it cost . This one here IS NOT the SPEED ENERGY one but they should be about the same price . You can also get other drivers paint schemes as well . Some of them are SCOTT DOUGLAS , MIKE AND MARK JENKINS , & GREG ADLER . These are just the ones from TRAXXAS there also also other manufactures such as TEAM ASSOCIATED , TEAM LOSI , HPI , VENOM , and DURATRAX . There are also both 2wd and 4wd versions . Again if anyone needs any help in getting started dont hesitate to ask me either here or shoot me an email at . The truck you see pictured here is my HPI Blitz and it has a bunch of changes that have been made to it such as a J-Concepts body that was custom painted to match Robby's paint scheme way before TRAXXAS decided to come out with this 1 . It also has a custom rollcage by Team Integy as well as i have recently added Pro-Line POWERSTROKE shocks . All of these changes ARE NOT nessesary to enjoy and have fun with the trucks as they are , they are strickly personal preference and for better performance as i also race my trucks but they can also be just run around at the local park


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