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Traxxas is coming out with the Speed Energy version of the Slash truck this November.

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Something you could try is paint it the green but do it from the outside . It'll give it a flatter matte look . 

Damn that really looks Bad Ass Shane!

Ouch ! RC abuse lol Lot's of fun at my house.

Very cool. 2:00 and 2:30 were perfect jumps for the Speed Team

Try some 50 weight shock oil in the shocks on the Slash . It'll help cushion the landings . Not much you can do for the Gravedigger since it sits high to begin with . 
Some of you guys were asking how to take your tires off the wheels . Well I did answer but didn't go into great detail since it is a long process but found a vid that should help

You guys have some talent and a lot of patience. These trucks look awesome.

Just sold my pulling truck new project can start soon . Brett ill be calling you soon ! 

Heres a sneak peek of what im starting with

Trust me ill be adding all kinds of hop-ups and mods to it lol . It wont stay stock for long .


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