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Traxxas is coming out with the Speed Energy version of the Slash truck this November.

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Does the motor have to be new? or can it be used?

Pretty sure used is ok 

I was told the motor & speed control could be burned up and not working and they will still accept it.
of course this was the guy behind the counter at Ultimate Hobbies in Orange,CA.
I have come to trust these guys! very knowledgable and helpful.

I agree. Ultimate has some good help working behind the counters. Very good pricing also.

Used is fine, as long as wires haven't been trimmed/resoldered. Personally, I like using new electronics just for my sake.

MJ - I've been a member here for years, just don't post a whole lot. I started CPE in 2005 focusing primarily on designing & manufacturing R/C monster trucks. We've been fortunate enough to have captured 12 championships since then with our chassis. Here's a couple pictures of completed trucks:


Ive seen your trucks alot is that the Monster Mutt you did for Candice Jolly . I pull and race in the NRCTPA too . I'm in the Borderline Pullers club with Joe Killian and Derrick Pero . That was me that asked if you wanted to trade my pulling truck for a Pounder in the chat room . I like the pulling , but wanna get back into the monster trucks more . I used to have an ESP caged E-MAXX like this with a Pro-Line F-350 body . Thats why I like the Pounder so much , the cage that was on my Maxx was the same type of concept / idea not a tube chassis but flat stock with crossmembers . That was awesome so i can just imagine what a 4 linked solid axle truck will do .

The 4 pack box , an exacto knife , and some double sided tape and waaala instant SPEED signage for my rc workbench lol

RC & Airtanker

Sweet now you need a RC air tanker and the real SPEED truck lol
It's a slow day on the planet so I uploaded a Video.
There grinding my streets this week and I'm off work, so I thought I would take this opportunity to have some fun.
My 8 year old daughter is filming these.


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