I guess Robby Gordon is no longer NASCAR’s public enemy number # 1…..Steve Wallace is such an idiot and yet NASCAR does nothing about it…I am sure glad people are taking actions into their own hands.

Steve Wallace getting his hair pulled by a crew chief is classic….


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i noticed in the booth RW tries not to talk about him
DW always did the same for Mikey
I really wanted to see Steve wallace succeed when he emerged. Rusty's an icon, & one of the more aggresive old school hard nose racers out there. My kind of driver! Sorry fact is Steve is about as good as any frustrated video game player who dive bombs turns & uses anything outside of him as a cushion. I know a lot of these drivers(like em or not)are the best in thier business but I really do believe I could out drive Steve....just like most of the ARCA regulars, half the drivers at your local short track, & maybe the occasional go-kart track employee. Thats how disappointed I am in his lack of given talent, & (even worse) ability to learn.
well stated!!!!
James, you weren't accusing me of having patience were you? I'm learning it as I mature (shut up), but up until a few years ago I thought patience were the people being treated by doctors. Then I learned it was a skill honed from that waiting thing I dont like to do.
I passed 24 cars at Darlington in 4 laps to win the race once hahaha
I really feel bad for Rusty...I give him credit he doesn't go out of his way to try and defend him or blame other drivers when he is in the booth..there is just that awkward silence from him and you know he KNOWS his boy sucks and screwed up and just wants the moment to pass...lol

But the other guys need to find a way to take him (Steven) to task for his miscues, but obviously in a professional manner...
Really? You think a guy reaching into a car to grab at someone's hair is a good thing? Lame.

Say what you want, Wallace finished with a top five, and it's not like you can blame him for taking out the field. He'll never be a Cup regular, but he's turned out competent if unspectacular in Nationwide. You can count on him being a top ten driver in the series at the end of the year.

Now Eric McClure.......
Well you have to admit that Eric Mclure has been in far inferior equipment.
Wallace is driving as good of equipment as daddy can buy and still drives like crap.
I dont care what equipment he is in, McClure has no business being in a car. And for the love of JoBu quit acting like the son of Larry McClure isn't getting the best equipment his daddy can buy. Thats some awesome hypocrisy you've got going on there...
I am not sticking up for anyone here.
All I am saying is that the days of MMM are long gone and the shit Eric is in is just that "Shit".
So pull your finger out of your nose and chill.
Perhaps the major factor that led to Carpentier’s crew chief, Jerry Baxter, to reach in the car and bobble Wallace's noggin is the fact that Travis Pastrana was supposed to make his Nationwide debut at Richmond in the #99 and run 7 of the remaining 8 races for the team, but when Patrana busted his ankle that put an end to those plans. Now the team is left without a driver or sponsor. The reality is without funding, the team could be forced to shut down until Pastrana is ready to go sometime next year. With that in mind, it’s not difficult to understand why Baxter was pissed.


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