We have been moving dirt constructing a 4.5 mile private road course in Thermal ( Coachella ) called the The Thermal Club. I have heard rumors that a membership is a Million dollars. The Thermal Club can be googled to see the 4 configuriations.

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that counts me out.:-(

Yeay, an all exclusive yuppy fest where the pocket book exceeds the talent level.
I am waiting to see some of the big names or famous that Are behind it though

this started out that way (expensive membership) than reality struck

This is designed for the stupid rich, so they can drive they're illegal Euro sports cars as fast as they want. They fly into the Thermal airport in their private jets and goon squad to fix the crap they break

It must be improvements and or additions to the existing place. I had heard of a high roller vintage club that has been out there for a while now.

No we built the one in Deaert Center also

Talk that IndyCar looked at it for a potential future race. I wonder if Palm Springs could bring enough fans. It is a big area.

Not being built for visitors -http://www.thethermalclub.com/
This is not the one I was thinking of, which is way to the East at Desert Center.

This is in my service area, nice track! I would like to take a few laps before they ruin it with all that black stuff

sounds like the track in Monticello, NY. It used to be open to car clubs and then they took the track private. Monticello Motor Club membership is high but if you can afford an exotic car, the membership is nothing!


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