Does anyone know why Robby hasn't gone back to the Prelude Tony Stewart has every year.Robby did an awesome job his first time in a late model,maybe Tony thought Robby would make him look bad almost winning the last

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for a previous discussion on the Prelude. Here's my take.The first year Jim Beam rented a Scott Bloomquist car and Scott to help Robby.The next year Jim Beam supported a Bloomquist team car.Not Scott or his personal equipment.And as my memory serve's those events where not pay per view like it has been the last 2 or 3?
Better to spend the money else where,like steel tubing to build SST's.

i could be wrong, but the one Robby was in was Pay Per View because that is like the only one we ever bought, maybe bought two but definitely remember watching Robby that night on PPV!

@Charlie, you're probably right.One year the charity with Victory Junction Gang.I sent a check directly instead of PPV.Yes ,you're right and the next year for Operation Home Front , I have that on TiVo.My bad and failing memory,sorry.

It's no big deal Mike, I just thought I knew the answer to that one because we have only ordered one or two but the biggest reason we ordered that one was because Robby was in it, well maybe the dirt track racing played a slight role in it too :)

$$$$$$$$......or lack of, certainly not a lack of talent

90% of the questions people ask on this site can be answered with this answer.

Just saying...

I was thinking more like 91% :)

Since Robby hasn't been back,i haven't watched it anyhow-i watched on a later date on speed for free that year .I'm really not into exhibtion races,but i will say Robby impressed me for never having driven a late model before.


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