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Hey - know it's early - just wondering if any decision has been made. A SPEED ENERGY dirt car would look bitchen

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Agreed, but I think the field is already set and Robby wasn't invited. Looks like Monster and Ricky Charmichel have a ride though.
Yes the field is set. No RG. Still a awesome race if you enjoy elbows up dirt racing.
Really? Probably the worst race on dirt I've ever seen. I went one year, PPV the next, never again. Eldora is a fantastic place to watch racing, just not cup guys in rented cars. Robby was the only draw for me, the rest of the cup guys are horrible.
what a relief! I won't have to worry about getting the money to purchase to watch on tv! Would rather save my money to buy another case of speed energy unleaded
Plus you'll be able to see the replay of RG's upcoming LOORRS race on SPEED around that time for FREE!!!
We got tickets..can't wait
RG or not, the Prelude race is GREAT!


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