Planet Premium currently has 90 members. 10 more and we'll reach a nice milestone of 100. For those who are not members I can tell you that TOG does a great job and getting information, pictures, video and more way before it becomes public knowledge. He's still TOG, so he loves to drop little teasers from time to time also.
As a big NASCAR fan, TOG posted a few almost happened mock paint schemes along with some pretty interesting stories.

I'm not big on paying to join sites, but if you're a Robby Gordon fan this is worth being a part of. It also helps support running this site. Look forward to seeing us hit 100...

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Bigzoom I'm with ya! This is the only site I pay for and look forward to the morning ritual of a fresh coffee and my PlanetPremium! I guarantee you'll love it guarantee it!

YUP what these two guys said

You'll be happy you did. Not only will you help assure that the Planet keeps spinning around you'll get a lot of cool inside poop and photos, videos and even streams that aren't possible to do for free.

So worth it!

They might get more interest if there was an obvious place to sign up, with all the information regarding what it cost to join. Is it a monthly fee, or a 1 time annual fee? What does a Premium Member get vs a non paying member? Even when you go to the Premium Group page it does not tell you what you need to do to become a Premium member. There is a donation tab on the home page, I assume that is a place to donate out of the kindness of your heart, as it too talks nothing about Premium or cost to join.

I think they need to market it better and explain the Premium Group more if they want more members. If they don't and if they want to keep it exclusive then keep it as it is.

My thought exactly.

'they' are not marketing it,Zoom is. pimping it. TOG is busy, and probably hasn't seen the tread. If it where up to me I'd delete it.Donating and Premium membership don't go hand in hand.

Isn't it hit groups and hit premium, then it pops up what you need to join, no brainer--me thinks...

Can you guys please finally reinstate me ? Tog WJM MK , whoever pm me if ya all wanna discuss it further thanks
Reinstate you? MJ are you the Pete of the Priemium Group? LOL! That's Awesome!

Yes he is! He got banned for being a HUGE Passionate fan which bleeds Robby and would do anything for this site.

Thanks bro . And yes Nikal but even Pete is back .


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