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Has Robby considered making at run at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in one of theTrophy trucks?

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If memory serves me correctly, Robby did climb the mountain in a Wells Coyote.. not sure of the year though.
Yes he did do it in a coyote I too don't remember the year . As for him doing it in the trophy truck I don't know I think the short course would be better suited for it . I'm sure the center of gravity is alot lower on that compared to the TT . Plus you don't need the mega amounts of wheel travel the TT has 

Starting this year the entire course is paved so might as well just bring a Cup/NNS car.

96 years of racing tradition paved over for the sake of tour buses and so Chad Yuppie doesn't get his Crocs dirty.

I was think'n why bother

Exactly. It's the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in name only. RIP.

Regarding the paving of Pikes Peak, you can thank the Sierra club for that. BTW for those who donate money to wildlife funds or to keep our lands open. Please take the time to read the fine print and to see where your money is really going. You might think you are donating to keep your land open, but what is really happening is the money is given to org's like the Sierra Club, who are actually closing land to protect us from ourselves.

Sierra Club vs.Pikes Peak;

Litigation was pursued by the Sierra Club in 1998-1999, on grounds of environmental damage from the gravel portion of the road.The environmental damage is caused primarily by the 150 million pounds of gravel that washes away annually. The same amount needs to be hauled up the mountain each year in order to maintain the road surface. Environmental damage includes alpine ponds and wetlands becoming filled with gravel, and layers of gravel averaging 2-4 feet deep covering the forest floor below. Pursuant to the settlement agreed by the Sierra Club and the City of Colorado Springs, the unpaved portion of the Pikes Peak Highway is slated to become a hard-surface road. The completion of the paving is scheduled to be done in 2012.

Just more tree hugger bullshit this race has been ruined and you know the SC couldnt be happier before long all off road event's in the US. will have to take place on reservation or privately held lands I know the ASA and other groups are fighting hard to keep public lands open but the environmental groups are well organized and have very deep pockets.

Save The Forest. Conserve Paper. Wipe your Ass with an Environmentalist.

Sierra Club: Hike to hell. :-0

Yup, its all paved now. This year there is a record amount of entrys. Something like 240 was they last number i heard. People are coming from all over to be the 1 st to set a record in a particular class.

Really, SPEED Energy needs to be on some cars for the possibility of more national publicity.

I heard also the 2012 PPIHC will host. An old F1 car, Indy cars, MOTO GP bikes and all kinds of different unlimited cars.

With so many entrys the PPIHC will be forced to shorten each division by qualifying times or just by, "umm, you can't run with us this year" like they have in years past.
Suspect next year see a 2 day Race to the Clouds

I think a 2-day race could be good. Bikes/Quads/UTVs/buggies as well as the slower classes on one day & then all the high end/high-tech fast cars/trucks for the following day.


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