What a joke!!!! Where is parity??? Somebody could have gotten hurt and nobody got suspended for at least one race. NASCAR will definitely lose a lot of viewers if they cannot find a solution to the penalty situation. I am tired of the golden boys coming out with a slap on the hand. They get a fine--but the ultimate laugh on that, they get in back at the end of the year because it goes in the points purse.

I am tired of the way that they have treated Robby and really tired of the way that they treat their golden boys. So--Robby, fight away since no one else seems to have the right paraphanelia to accomplish anything. At least you make the races exciting--so PLEASE--throw your helmet--toss it my way!!! Keep up doing things your way--I am tired of the spoon fed comments from the rest.

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I agree..............How does Robby get a whole season of probation for doing the samething to Conway that nobody even saw. Kevins was in front of the TV cameras and on pit road. BSBSBSBSBSBSBSBS!!!!!!!!
I would really like to know what Robby did to Conway to required NASCAR to put him on probation for the year. Were there any witnesses? Did he do more than strike Conway?

Kevin almost lost an arm on television (imagine if his hand got caught in the window net) and Kyle could have killed or at least broken a few legs if there was an unsuspecting crew member standing along the pit wall. THAT was dangerous. Kyle used his car as a weapon off of the track. Give Harvick credit, his car was all banged up and he didn't do anyting to the car except stop Kyle on pit road. Over the last few weeks there were a ton of articles about how Kyle has grown up. Guess we won't see any more of those artices for a while.
what are you smoking? there was no "unsuspecting" crew members around 1st of all.... 2nd off, this was payback from Homestead when Harvick admitted on tv wrecking the 18 on purpose.... Kyle wanted nothing to do with the 29 but Harvick trapped him..... Harvick was the ass sat. night..... funny how Harvick won't do anything until his crew is there to back him up..... what a wuss...
I was reading the comments above about Harvick, and was thinking how could anyone in there right mind who saw the whole video think this was Busch's fault. He clearly was trying to get away. It baffles my mind how blind people can be and only see what they want to see. Im glad RICHARDS told it how it was. I don't like either driver, but for once Busch was trying to get away from it all. I can't wait til Harvick acts all tough and someone who he'd least expect pops him one, like Logano, Spencer style. I can't stand that Harvick douche. You can only act tough for so long.
Kyle wanted nothing to do with Harvick. He ran and ran as much as he could until Kevin blocked him. Kevin had the window net down and was ready on front stretch. If it was a 2, 3 or 5 on 1 situation with Kevin's crew, then Kevin would forever be a wuss and rank up there with Robin Ventura.

As for the car, the 29 looked like Steve Park's 31 at Darlington when it shot left. IF, there were crew members of other teams on pit road at that time, it could have been tragic. That was my point about unsuspecting crew members and why I think that NASCAR screwed up. It's okay on the track, but off the track and on pit road, there are too many people that could get hurt.

I am not a fan of either driver, but probably more of a dislike for Kyle and his immaturity. He's a GREAT driver but a bit out of control.
I don't even want to get started. I could go on and on and on for quite some time. And I might just do that this evening when I have some more time!!! And I do not think Robby endangered anyone else at the time--and I certainly did not see any after effects on KC--so tell me--where is the difference?????
I think that the harsh penalty that Nascar threw at Robby was part of a deal with Extenze. I find it interesting that this incident was only witnessed by the "victim" who quickly broadcast it to the press and filed a police report. And then the next Nationwide race had Extenze for one of the sponsors and the "victim" in a race car. It's all about money.
I expected something like this, it's just another case of inconsistency in NASCAR, it would have been a suspension if Robby had done that, even if he wasn't on probation.

and seriously a fine? $25,000 is like a penny to them. why even bother with that?

You've also got to be crazy if you thought NASCAR was going to suspend either of them, NASCAR will be their usual, hypocrytical selves and hype up an incident that they "frown" upon, in order to sell more tickets.
You gotta admit it was very entertaining. They couldn't have scripted that better than that. Ha, Then the dumb ass didn't have his parking brake on. I can guarantee Nascar just won over a ton of fans because of that. Dangerous yes, but entertainment factor and marketing factor. Sky high. Have it boys. Just beat the shit out of each other like the good ol days. Go Robby. I love it.
Cup cars don't have a parking brake.
People People People its sooooooooooooo easy . You see Robby doesnt put as much money in NASCAR's pockets so he gets a more severe penalty . If Robby were bringing boatloads of cash it would be a different story . M&Ms and Budweiser butter France's pocketbook so their guys dont get as harsh a spanking lol . NASCAR consistant my A$$
Nascar isn't going to piss off those two big sponsors by suspending either driver , no matter what they do. It's the way things are done in Nascar, I don't know why anyone should be at all surprised .

One thing about Nascar is they are consistent about being inconsistent......


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