Parker 425 it's on entry list is out !!!!! Time too smokem!!!!

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ford might mean Found On Road Dead
but at least it's not a Garage Mecanics Co
chevys are only good for racing where you can work on then all the time

Actually it's people dont let family drive fords and they tell friends not to buy fords but if they do buy fords they give those friends a AAA MEMBERSHIP CARD. Do you know what's on the first page of the ford owners manual?? The bus schedule !!

wow nobody called me on all my guys are slipping

Paul just to let you know
2 time street stock track champ /with a chevy
3 land speed records /with a chevy
2 top 5 in late models /with chevys
they are just cheaper to race

Easy easy in 1996 FORD aka mark post truck robby went undefeated and there was way more races then on the score schedule!!!! Ah the old days! Ford rough riders sitting in the bill stoppe FORD BFG hauler ha off road championships Ford absolutely dominates for decades!!! There is very rarely anything under the hoods that even with a Ford or Chevy logo now a days! Dam I remember the saying pavement is for psssyyyeeess !

that why after years of racing class 11 we currently preping a 2002 explorer and paint job will be copy of John Swifts rough rider explorer

Mannys ranger would stay at my brothers house. But from time to time swifts class 6 would arrive only when my brother would co-drive that race for swift would arrive prepping the wagon we called it. but mainly co- for manny Check sponsor for Manny and John were rancho junk!! So we used Bilstin and put rancho stickers . Funny when tudy tried to prep they break . When we prep win . We tell tudy it's only logos . So he finally figured it out said suckers And stoppe would laugh . I still have rough riders shirts and old school stickers .Good old days when you could go anywhere on the course especially our chase trucks I remember for the 1000 parnell drove Mannys truck and it was raining so hard at the start my brother was co-driving parnell got on the hood with a baseball bat from a little kid and started smashing front windshield out !!! He said I don't use this shit we just busting up this old dude nuts!!!
Murf would ya be interested in selling any of those Rough Rider shirts ? Pm me .
Anyone know when qualifying is and if they're gonna webcast it ?

So, who's your pick,. who's gonna win,. i mean, 2nd place, lol,. I know who will be 1st, who will be the 1st looser? who cares i know,. haha.

Does anyone know ... which pits (main, 1, 2, 3, 4) will have ... RobbyGordonOffRoad/ToyoTire Pit Support service this year?

We may need to wait until a day or so before the race


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