Parker 425 it's on entry list is out !!!!! Time too smokem!!!!

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Just posted my TT top 5 picks over on RDC . Whatcha all think ?

Top 5 TTs

1- Robby Gordon
2- Dale Dondel
3- Rob Mac
4- Jason Voss
5- Jimmy Beaver

Q or race? Race, not so really need to get over your ford mess's with your head

For the race .
Ford born and Ford bred
When I die I'll be Ford dead .

Ford is the worst product ever made. Ford has a 93 percent recall rate. And anyhow Robby's TT IS A CHEVY. the only truck to buy is a Chevy. Sell that ford before your Found On the Road Dead. Hahah
I love the fact Robby uses a 10year old body. Looks killer

And a 12 year old chasis(Modified many times of course).

Robby STARTED with Ford , and he's the ONLY Chevy I root for lol

1- RG
2- De Villiers
3- Nasser
4- Peterhansel
5- Chicherit

Jimmy Beaver won't make it through lap 1

Robby mac Voss Daniels jones. Top 5 race finish. Dondel just can't finish a race fast but trans every time!
If RG can finish a race he will be top 3. I'm goin with
1. Mac
2. RG
3. Lofton
4. Voss
5. Herbst


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