Fellow Racers, Fans and Supporters,

What happened during the Parker 425 this weekend is unfortunate and a huge disappointment for everyone involved with our Team, including Sponsors, Employees and Fans. Our racing program is not just a fun hobby - it is a business. I want everyone to understand that it's business and nothing personal against Casey Folks or anyone involved with BITD. We enjoy racing the series and feel Casey does a good job, and we're going to learn how difficult a job it is for Casey and other promoters in the very near future with Stadium SUPER Trucks.

We have a serious issue in regards to what Casey has said we did and what the rules allow. First and foremost, we want to hear the alleged recording of the radio communication with the helicopter. The rules specifically say "No aircraft permitted for the purpose of race support." We used our aircraft to film within the bounds of the Section 8 rules, which I have listed below.

Here is what the rulebook says in section SEC8:

The rule book does not say what this BITD official posted:

In addition, we use a helicopter for the following reasons: SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY!

For most of the races, at some point we are the lead vehicle and I want them to protect innocent people, spectators, snow birds, motorcycle riders, atv's and quads playing in the desert that may not know there is a race going on, especially in Mexico, etc. Trophy trucks (Trick trucks, Class 1400) are the most sophisticated race vehicles in American Motorsports today. The rules are wide open with the class being Unlimited and it is inevitable that someday we're going to crash again and as fast as my trophy truck goes, it could cause serious damage and life threatening injuries. If the helicopter is there to service my team or other teams for medical attention it is making the sport safer.

Our helicopter has landed on multiple occasions to make sure that other competitors are okay when in distress. Last year for example, at Vegas to Reno with the Mastercraft trophy truck and this race our helicopter landed to assist a rolled over vehicle that was stuck in a ditch. Our helicopter did that not to help us win a race and not because we are somehow required to do so, but just because someone needed help immediately and our helicopter was there. I know the people in off-road racing, and I know that they would return the favor if we needed it. That is the way we operate.

Last but not least, we use the helicopter for video production.

Facts: Until we hear the recording that BITD alleges exists, according to our understanding of the rule book, we didn't do anything wrong. We will have to stand up for ourselves on this matter as I take great pride in this issue. This is our business and we support ourselves by winning.

We won this race.......and it's really a bummer that we have to defend the results.

Thanks for the continued support, see you at the next race.
-Robby Gordon

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Right on Rob we're behind you. Keep up the good fight, Gas on
Thanks for posting this we ALL need to step up and defend our guy !

+ 1^^^^^^

at the very least....BITD needs to explain with some detail what the infraction was!

Thanks for posting your side of the event. People do not understand the challenges of Desert Racing. The loss of all air support would make a lot of close calls, disasters. I see their point but there should be a way to actually monitor this. Like you said where is the proof. This is going to be a great year so Gas On.

@Kevin, Thank you for posting. First move has been made, now for the response.

Way to go Robby. Say it like you see it baby.

X2. Any TT running on a lap course with not over head help is asking for a crash!

I think in this situation it's right to appeal this decision. Robby did his job by being the fastest truck out there during the race, and to take that win away without any proof is unreasonable. There's a lot more at stake than simply 6 points in the Championship. If you are running a business and someone without proof indicates that you are operating unethically it will hurt your business. Even if you clear yourself people will still remember what you were accused of. It's hard to keep moving forward and recover from that stigmata.

AMEN BRO !!! Couldn'tve said it any better my self . Just look at the damage that is being done to Robby's rep with just this 1 video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zac9_jg2_bY&sns=em

. I dared the guy that posted it to come on here and talk but haven't heard from him . Instead he's gonna hide in cyberspace and spread his bullshit how he heard the transmission of Robby .

i'm Javier, the one to he is responding to,. ha, still waiting for a straight unswer about what he heard,. haha

funny, I was just watching the video and clicke a 2nd time to hear it and they removed the post,

Hmmmmmm very interesting told you he was just some chickenshit talking crap .


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