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Says on the NORRA website that Baja Bob will be at the race . Is he actually racing , if so what vehicle . 

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from the 'Robby Gordon kicked out of the LOORRS Race' thread

Larry Ragland is going to ride a bike (KTM). Cool.

Has Baja Bob left for Mexico yet ? Good luck , race hard and kick some butt !!!

I posted some old Wide World of Sports video coverage somewhere on this site, just not sure where. Great old coverage of Baja Bob.

Bob doesn't leave for Norra until Sat. or Sun.

Here's part 1 from ABCs wide world of sports Baja 1000 coverage

Best part is seeing Jack Arute in there reporting in the last little bit! I say you grab a Waltrip and put them in the passenger seat to do live commentary! Maybe they could be scared speechless!!! LOL

No such thing as a speechless Waltrip lol 

Ok, I remember now....mj posted a few, and I posted that last one that I had.

Good Old JT Taylor is racing this year in his 4400. Cool. But looks like letting more entries in trying to expand.

My old class 7 would be sweet for this race.
I'd like to see Manny Esqurira's old class 7 Motorcraft Ford Ranger out there . That thing was awesome . 

Thought you all might like this

They totally restored it


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